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PJ Rules - Home of the Business that knows Multimedia

PJ Rules has some of the most experienced multimedia developers in the world. Both founders started developing multimedia products in the mid 80s. Some of the work we do includes:

Development Web based Applications
Production of Interactive CD ROM
Create Animated Banners
Create 3D Drawings
Render 3D Animations
Produce DVD (Data/Video)
Generate Computer Games
Build Software Simulations
Conduct Business Consultations
Program Windows Application
Speak at a variety of Conferences
Deliver Personalized Training in Multimedia


Need a computer game (for fun or educational purposes)? Need a simulation of an existing piece of software? Need to repackage your PowerPoint onto DVD? Need to have a self maintaining Website? Need a 3D drawing of a building or floor plan or a model? Need a SETUP.EXE program to install your product?

Contact us because we can help.

Although we are primarily a service company, we have produced a number of products. You can get more information on these items in our Products section. Below is a list of items that can be purchased.




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