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The Interactive Driver

If you have purchased the Interactive Driver CD-ROM and it has expired on you, download and run this patch. It should fix your problem and you'll be able to use the CD again.

  1. Download Patch - Driver_Update.exe
  2. Open Windows Explorer and locate where you downloaded the patch to
  3. Run the patch. Driver_Update.exe and your good to go

Download Patch

If you have any questions about the Interactive Driver CD-ROM : CONTACT US!

NOTE: If this patch does not work it could be that you are running a rather old CD. The CD should be updated. However, if you want to get the CD running again, download the older patch.


100 Authorware Tutorials

If you have purchased the 100 Authorware Tutorials CD, you will notice that the data disc folder and the solution folder is not on the CD. That's because there's no room. The CD is packed with over 12 1/2 hours of instruction dealing with a wide variety of Authorware development.

You can visit the 100 Authorware Tutorial site for more information on the product. You can also download the data disc and solution files here.

Data Disc Files (13.7 MB)

Solution Files (1.6 MB)



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